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Quick Start: Restart your World

You restart an existing world the same way you started your new world.

First, run AltME and click on Start a World:

Now enter your world name and its password. (The password used to create the world earlier, called your "owner password", not the Master user password).

Click the Next button and your world will start again. You will know it started if you see the small server window open:

This is the AltME server for your world, and it must be running for other people to connect to your world.

If your users cannot connect...

Sometimes user will not be able to connect to your world. This will happen if your world is behind a firewall (which can also be built into some types of modems, such as cable modems). Software like ZoneAlarms also functions like a firewall and may prevent AltME from properly communicating.

You may be able to change the settings on your firewall or modem to allow connections to AltME. The basic idea is that you need to let port 5400 connections pass through your firewall to your computer (the same way you might need to do for some types of peer-to-peer software or games). More information about firewalls is available from our site.

If you discover how to solve the problem, please tell us so we can help other users do the same.

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