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Quick Start: Visit a World

First, you need a world name, a user name, and a password. The person who invited you to their world should have provided that.

Now, download and run AltME. It's fast and easy to do. You can use the default installation options.

When you see the AltME window, click on Visit A World:

Now, enter the world name, user name, and password that you were given. Make sure you type the password exactly the same (including upper and lower case).

Press Visit button, and you'll connect to the world. Once you see the world contents appear, you may have to wait a minute for the world's data to update before you can use it.

Need a world to visit? We have a world just for testing. It's called Genesis and you can logon as Guest with the password hello.

Problem? If you cannot reach a world, make sure you typed the correct world name, user name, and password. If it still does not connect, contact the person who runs the world. Make sure they have the world running.

If all else fails, take a look at the AltME manual.

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