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AltServe - AltME for your Server

AltME fulltime on your own server.


AltServe was designed for businesses and organizations that need to run an AltME world from their own server. AltServe is easy-to-install and low maintenance, making it a good choice for both businesses and non-profit organizations.


Server Based:

Runs from your server as full time process.
Works with AltME client programs.
Useful for Internet or intranet, you decide.
Does not require X Windows or other GUI.

Easy Setup:

No installation required. Just start it.
No special account permissions.
Administration done remotely via AltME clients.
Easy to backup or move as your needs grow.


Authentication with 160 bit SHA1 challenge.
Network data transfers are encrypted.
Server data is protected by your standard server security.


Low bandwidth X-Internet technology.
Requires minimal CPU time.


Internal exception handling keeps server alive.
Current installations report full uptime.


One year full support included.
Bug fix releases for same version.


AltServe license agreement


Linux Version: US $2,500 - (libc6 such as Redhat Linux)
Discounts available for educational and non-profit institutions.

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