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Lost AltME Passwords

Did you lose your AltME password? Not to worry! It is possible to reset your password (or have the worldmaster do it for you).

Please determine which type of password you lost:

  1. The password for the worldmaster account on your AltME world. This is the user account that is able to create and delete other users.

  2. The password for a specific user account.

  3. The password for accessing your AltME world name. You provided this password when you first created your world. (This is not the same as the worldmaster account for running your AltME world server.)

Worldmaster Password

A worldmaster is the person who runs a world. The worldmaster account has special privileges for creating and deleting other user accounts.

If you deleted the worldmaster account or forgot it's password, it is possible to recover the account or restore the password; however, to do so, you must have access to the computer system where the world server is running. (Normally, this is on your own system where you started the world.)

Here is how to reset the AltME worldmaster password and account.

User Account Password

If you are an AltME user that forgot your password, you can ask the worldmaster for your world to give you a new password. This is easy to do. The world master only needs to right click on your name, and can provide a new password.

Here are the details about changing AltME passwords.

World Name Password

You need a world name password in order to start your world. Without it you cannot prove that the world belongs to you.

You entered the world name password when you first created your world.

If you forgot your password, there are two ways to reset it:

  • If you registered your world name ($10/year): then just contact us, and we will reset your world name password.

  • If you did not register your world: then you must wait 10 days since you last used your world name, and you can grab the name again and enter a new password (hopefully before anyone else gets the name).

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